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Tips For 11/3/12

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TemplegateTimeformThe Novice Tipster

Market Rasen2.20 Future Profit (nb)Future ProfitFuture Profit

2.50 Victor LeudorumBar De LigneVictor Leudorumevens
3.20 La Pantera RosaKaringreasonDaldini

3.50 Top BenefitStick TogetherTop Benefit2/1
4.25 Dusky BobDusky BobLow Gales

4.55 Swaledale LadSwaledale LadSwaledale Lad

5.25 North Stack (nap)QoubilaiNorth Stack11/10

Warwick2.05 StruanmoreSpirit D'AmourRoll The Dice

2.35 Pepite RosePepite RosePepite Rose4/11
3.05 ShakalakaboomboomShakalakaboomboomShakalakaboomboom (Nap)
3.35 Old SiPower SharedSpellchecker

4.05 Causing Chaos (treble)Causing ChaosCausing Chaos

4.40 Savant BleuMarju KingTruckers Princess

5.10 Recif De ThaixRecif De ThaixRecif De Thaix (nb)

Results Tables

As of today i will not be doing the daily tables, as tips alone can take me a long time and it just adds to my workload. I think the main aim of this blog is to provide daily horse racing tips. It was to show that someone with no background in racing can go up against the professionals and do just as well as them, but i think as i have progressed people seem more interested in the tips than how well i am doing.

However saying that, as Cheltenham is now only a couple of days away, i was thinking of doing a results table for ALL the big meetings. Also start to include my followers and if you submit your choices daily i will include them into the table. I will warn everybody when it will start. If you interested, please let me know.

Many Thanks
The Novice Tipster

Tips For 10/3/12

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TemplegateTimeformThe Novice Tipster

Ayr2.15 Abbey GarthAbbey GarthAbbey Garth

2.50 PapamoaRight EnoughStormion

3.25 Sammy SpidermanTipsy DaraTipsy Dara

4.00 MalluskMalluskPolar Gunner

4.35 Radmores RevengeAneyeforaneyeRudemeister

5.10 AllanardDouglas JulianAllanard13/2
5.40 Kris CrossDante's FrolicBuffalo Ballet6/1

Wolverhampton2.20 Docofthebay (treble)ClockmakerDocofthebay

2.55 SwitzerlandGabrials BountyPerforming Pocket13/8
3.30 TarooqNazreefTarooq14/1
4.05 AttainStar For LifeLegendary9/2
4.40 Angelo PolizianoSteelcutDecider15/8
5.15 Alben StarAlben StarAlben Star (nb)4/1
5.45 ChabadaChabadaChabada5/6

Sandown2.05 Same DifferenceDualla LordCarrigmorna King

2.40 Martys Mission (nap)BallyfoyMartys Mission

3.15 Ted SpreadTed SpreadTed Spread

3.50 Call Me A StarCall Me A StarCall Me A Star2/1
4.25 SanctuaireSanctuaireSanctuaire (nap)2/5
5.00 Cool FriendCalusa CalderaAldertune5/2

Chepstow1.55 Hobb's DreamDe Waiting GameGuydus

2.30 Great GustoTiger MaguireTiger Magui…

Results 9/3/12


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Tips 9/3/12

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TemplegateTimeformThe Novice Tipster

Ayr2.10 Red RoccoRed RoccoRed Rocco5/4
2.45 Blazing BullSole WitnessSole Witness10/11
3.20 Stanley BridgeCarters RestStanley Bridge (nb)11/4
3.55 Easter VicCherry VineCherry Vine

4.30 Old MagicShooting TimesShooting Times

5.05 Bishop's HeirMorgan BeBishops Heir

5.40 DomolyWhat A DreamWhat A Dream

Leicester2.30 Share OptionPark LaneShare Option

3.05 RelaxSybariteSybarite9/4
3.40 RathcorRathcorRathcor

4.15 Brousse En FeuxChapel HouseChapel House9/4
4.50 NormallyMidnight MacarenaNoble Witness3/1
5.25 Fairwood PresentFairwood PresentPoint Proven

Sandown2.20 VertueuxThe PretenderThe Pretender

2.55 Amaury de LusignanAmaury De LusignanAmaury De Lusignan 4/6
3.30 Red HarbourHoo La BalooTeddys Reflection

4.05 HeathcoteKasbadaliQuinte De Chatalet

4.40 GwanakoGwanakoGwanko1/5
5.15 Zama ZamaCousin KheeZama Zama

Wincanton2.00 RUSSIE WITH LOVE (nap)Russie With LoveRussie With Love7/1
2.35 The DisengagerPyleigh LassThe Disengager

3.10 Tarquinius…

Results 8/3/12


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Tips 8/3/12

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TemplegateTimeformThe Novice Tipster

Carlisle2.10 Dickie HenderhoopSoudainArisea

2.40 Snapping TurtleSnapping TurtleSmart Act

3.15 Classical MistClassical MistClassical Mist

3.45 Lexi's BoyLexi's BoySustainability6/5
4.20 Royal Mackintosh (nb)TeenandoBillsgrey

4.50 TransactTransactTransact (nb)

5.20 One For HarryWolf ShieldSnuker7/4

Southwell2.20 OverruleOverruleOverrule (nap)1/2
2.50 TakajanOnly Ten Per CentGracies Gift9/4
3.25 Pelican RockPelican RockPelican Rockevens
3.55 LithographBlack DragonLithograph

4.30 MyboyalfieMyboyalfieAndiamo Via9/2
5.00 Six WivesBaby StrangeMottley Crewe

5.30 Hunters BeltFavorite GirlFavorite Girl13/8

Wincanton2.00 Joseph MercerMonte CavalloMonte Cavallo1/2
2.30 Mon ChevalierCourt GambleKnapp Bridge Boy5/1
3.00 MONARCH'S WAY (nap)QalinasGrandioso

3.35 Golden ChieftainGolden ChieftanGolden Chieftan2/9
4.05 Iheardu (treble)Gentle BobGentle Bob15/8
4.40 SendinpostWoodlark IslandWoodlark Island2/1
5.10 Old TricksOld TricksBlack Po…

Results 7/3/12


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Tips 7/3/12

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TemplegateTimeformThe Novice Tipster

Catterick2.20 Sir Boreas HawkMarino PrinceMarino Prince7/2
2.50 Alpha OneFranks A MillionFranks A Million5/2
3.20 Ms CordeliaMs CordeliaCountess Comet5/1
3.50 Presque Perdre (nap)Presque PerdrePresque Perdre

4.20 Royal EntourageRoyal EntourageClever Dick11/8
4.50 Supreme PlanMonogramScrum V13/2
5.20 VinettaDiligentDiligent11/8

Fontwell2.00 Shangani (treble)ShanganiShangani (nap)11/10
2.30 Chestnut BenWhatshallwedoChestnut Ben

3.00 DanandyDanandyDanandy (nb)

3.30 Rigadin De Beauchene (nb)Rigadin de BeaucheneRigadin De Beaucher
4.00 Marie Deja LaCeltic CharlieMeet Me At Dawn

4.30 Carriglea WoodKillfinnian CastleAlldunnandusted6/1
5.00 SeebrightPuffin BillyBoss In Boots9/4

Lingfield2.10 Silver Linnet ChjimesSilver Linnet2/1
2.40 Country RoadCountry RoadEagle Nebula

3.10 Mr PlodEl LibertadorEl Libertador

3.40 MenadatiMinsky MinePotentiale

4.10 DartfordDartfordDartford

4.40 SottovoceSottovoceBuxton

5.10 KipchakKucharovaMy Mate Les7/2


Results 6/3/12


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Tips For 6/3/12

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TemplegateTimeformThe Novice Tipster

Exeter2.30 Tulia De GravelleTulia De GravelleSapphire Rouge

3.00 Josh's Dreamway (nap)Joshs DreamwayJoshs Dreamway4/1
3.30 Ammunition (treble)Clash DuffAmmunition (nap)7/1
4.00 NodebateaboutitGotoyourplayReblis7/2
4.30 TalkonthestreetTalkonthestreetLikeable Rogue5/6
5.00 Hearty RoyaleHaling ParkHaling Park

Newcastle2.20 Rhymers Ha'Rhymers Ha'Rhymers Ha'

2.50 Stormy Morning (nb)Dawn RideDawn Ride7/2
3.20 Night In MilanRebel SwingDefinate Appeal

3.50 L'Eminence GriseKings ChoristersDice

4.20 Getting ReadyWinstoneWinstone7/2
4.50 Cool OperatorCool OperatorBow School

5.20 Flamingo CayFlamingo CayMr Puck

Southwell2.10 Sopran NadFearless PoetFearless Poet

2.40 SoopacalWreninghamPunching (ew)

3.10 Stand GuardStand GuardStand Guard

3.40 Storm HawkCotton KingMediterrean Sea3/1
4.10 KingarooRubi DiaKingaroo

4.40 Colour GuardColour GuardColour Guard (nb)11/8
5.10 Bond BladeBond BladeBond Blade

Results 5/3/12


The Novice Tipster£14

Tips For 5/3/12

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TemplegateTimeformThe Novice Tipster

Lingfield2.30 Mambo SpiritDrawnfromthepastHinton Admiral13/8
3.00 FarawayThorpe BayThorpe Bay

3.30 My Name Is SamMy Name Is SamFirst Rebellion

4.00 Quiet AppealCaptain CardingtonQuiet Appeal

4.30 MunsarimMunsarimMunsarim8/15
5.00 Solemn Oath (treble)Prime RunMarmas6/4
5.30 Gorgeous GoblinHaamaatHaamaat4/6

Hereford2.15 MedinasMedinasMedinas10/11
2.45 Bennys Mist (nb)Terfel's ToscarTerfels Toscar

3.15 QaspalDoeslessthanmeDoeslessthanme10/11
3.45 SchismOscar SierraSchism

4.15 MujameadMissionaireMissionaire

4.45 Carrickboy (nap)CarrickboyCarrickboy3/1
5.15 Big SocietyYoung HurricaneBig Society9/4