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Top Tips 24/8/13

Really short for time today so am posting my shortlist. 5 main tips and a list of top e/w tips

3:15 York - Parbold 4/1 (nap)

I am sticking with this boy, stuck with Broxbourne on day 1 and she won, so i am hoping this horse will pay his way today. Parbold did not seem to get on with the sharp track at Goodwood last time, but he did stay on strongly at the end, but he certainly didn't show what he could. He has won here are York on soft ground over today distance on his debut, so the track will suit and he will not mind the rain. He might just be able to show what he is really about, and that is a horse with a lot of speed. They will be racing him handy today, so those tactics could turn around his fortunes, by not leaving him so much to do.

5:20 Cartmel - Tinseltown 9/2

AP's only ride here.

2:30 Cartmel - Me And Ben 8/11 - £17.27
3:55 Newmarket - Taayel 7/2
7:30 Redcar - Man From Seville 5/4

of the outsiders

3:20 Newmarket - Duke Of Clarence 11/1
3:50 York - Number Theory 25/1 - £3…

Daily Tips 24/8/13

Red - Winner, Blue - Placed, Green - Non Runner
2:30 Me And Ben 8/113:05 Executive's Hall3:40 Dannanceys Hill4:15 The Good Guy4:50 Sierra Victor5:20 Tinseltown5:55 Morning Time
2:20 Amazing Maria 6/42:55 Pythagorean3:30 Premier Loco4:05 Veiled Intrigue 3/14:40 Model Pupil5:15 Mister Music 25/15:50 Magog 11/8
2:10 Ghazi 9/22:45 Safety Check 3/13:20 Duke Of Clarence3:55 Taayel4:30 Muthmir5:05 Greek War 6/15:40 Hadaj
5:30 Yorksters Prince6:00 Aeolus6:30 Al Baz7:00 Cono Zur7:30 Man From Seville8:00 Thrust Control
5:10 Jacob's Pillow5:45 Janna's Jingle 9/26:15 Kickingthelilly6:45 Planteur7:15 Shirocco Star 1/27:45 First Secretary
2:05 Cristoforo Colombo2:40 Havana Cooler3:15 Parbold3:50 Number Theory 25/14:25 Hot Streak5:00 Sennockian Star5:35 Normal Equilibrium

Top Tips 23/8/13

3:30 Ffos Las - Clear Spring 4/1 (nap)

Clear Springs stats on this going is 1, 1, 1, 4, 1. The 4th place he was hampered and still only lost by 1l.   Up 6lb in the handicap since last win, but carrying 3lb less in the weights, so effectively only carrying an extra 3lb and is still improving so comes here with every chance. Swendab is certianly a danger, but i think he would like it a bit firmer

5:10 Goodwood - Where's Reiley 14/1 e/w

Stats over distance on good ground is 3, 2, 2, 1, 9*. The 9th was in a grade higher than today, and the win was over Course and Distance. His stats over Course, Distance and ground is 2, 1. 2lb higher in the handicap than that last win

3:05 York - Pavlosk 2/1

The ground has come right for Pavlosk. Won a Listed race on soft ground, and hasn't performed as well on the faster ground recently. The return of good-soft plays into his hands and at 2/1 looks a very nice price

3:40 York - Hamish McGonagall 33/1

I have had a tiny e/w on Hamish McGonagall beca…

Daily Tips 23/8/13

Red - Winner, Blue - Placed,Green - Non Runner
Ffos Las
1:45 Sefaat2:20 Greyemkay2:55 Sugarcraft3:30 Clear Spring4:05 Favoured Nation4:40 Gullible Gordon5:15 Mission Complete5:45 Chilbury Hill
5:10 Where's Reiley5:40 Hymenaios6:15 Djinni6:45 Midnight Flower7:20 Six Wives7:50 Fitzwilly
5:30 Angel Rosa6:05 Bapak Pesta6:35 Salvatore Fury7:05 Special Meaning7:40 Heroine Required8:10 Gottcher
4:50 Mysterious Wonder5:25 Madagascar Moll5:55 Strong Man6:25 Discay6:55 Camerooney7:30 Lulu The Zulu8:00 Yarn
2:10 Psychometry2:45 Stagemanship3:20 Intermedium3:55 Quick Jack4:30 Zurbriggen5:05 Life Partner5:35 Saloomy
1:55 Party Line2:30 Simenon3:05 Pavlosk3:40Hamish McGonagall4:20 Red Galileo4:55 Majestic Moon

Top Tips 22/8/13

3:40 York - Venus De Milo 11/4 (nap)

Bit of a risky nap, but i feel confident of this filly's ability. You cannot feel nothing but impressed by her performances, even her narrow defeat in the Irish Oaks, in which i am convinced had it not been for the winners erratic run she could of won. Of her opposition The Fugue last year was exceptional and although she hasn't performed as well this season, she is still a danger. Wild Coco is the pick of Lady Cecil's pair and they both have been going very well. Secret Gesture is at 9/1 in my opinion quite long, and worth an e/w. But for me Venus De Milo just oozes class and i would be surprised if she got beat. And the added bonus is that Ryan Moore in on board instead of Joseph, gives me more confidence

1:55 York - Miracle Of Medinah 16/1 e/w

Won a listed race a Newbury in style, and before that beat yesterdays G3 winner at York Treaty Of Paris, his last race was a G2 and his trainer reports the track didn't suit, York is similar…

Daily Tips 22/8/13

Red - Winner,Blue - Placed,Green - Non Runner
2:20 Costa Filey2:55 St Ignatius3:30 Precision Five 8/114:05 Pilates 4/14:40 Dark Lane5:15 Chester'slittlegem5:45 Bold Cross
Ffos Las
2:10 Koultas King 8/112:45 Paddys Partridge 7/13:20 Man Of Leisure3:55 Jive Master4:30 Listen And Learn5:05 De Faoithesdream5:35 Great Oak
Newton Abbot
5:25 Leader Of The Land 14/16:00 Health Is Wealth 4/16:35 Life And Soul7:05 Sugar Hiccup 5/67:35 Bennys Quest 9/48:05 Hazel Brook
5:50 Azrag 9/46:20 Shawkantango6:50 Pull The Pin7:20 Stella Clavisque7:50 Grilletto8:20 Unex Michelangelo8:50 Ostaad 4/6
1:55 Miracle of Medinah2:30 Lucky Kristale 3/13:05 Queensbury Rules3:40 Venus de Milo4:20 Our Obsession 3/14:55 Shesastar

Top Tips 21/8/13

Due to not having the internet most the day and being busy in the evening, i have only managed to bring you tips for York and some other tips - Good Luck

1:55 Above Standard 7/1
2:30 Il Paparazzi 13/2
3:05 Secret Number 9/2
3:40 Al Kazeem  11/8
4:20 Broxbourne 5/1
4:55 Tiger Twenty Two 12/1

4:20 York - Broxbourne 5/1(nap) - £60

Once again i have gone for Broxbourne. Not sure she would of definitely of won her last race, but she would of been right there if it wasn't for her jockey, who gave her an really awful ride. She switched off a bit too much in the race, and then was directed into the railing, which woke here up, but she had lost several lengths by then. On the plus side she made up a lot of ground to go down by just over 2L Back with her regular partner, she will have a much better race, and i am giving her one more chance

7:20 Bellewstown - Cullentry Royal 7/4 - £27.50
7:50 Bellewstown - Stranfield Lady 9/1 e/w

Lucky 15 e/w

3:20 Musselburgh - Lost In Paris 6/1
5:05 Musselburgh…

Top Tips 20/8/13

6:30 Leicester - Forget Me Not Lane 8/1 (skybet) - nap

Has won and been racing in a higher class. Last 3 races have been on Good - Firm and he hasn't performed too well, but before that he raced 3 times on Good ground and won each time. He gets good ground today. He is 3/4 on good ground and the one he lost was a Class 3, so 2 higher than today. Graham Lee has ridden him 5 times and won on him 3. My only worry is that he is carrying top weight, but he is only 2lb higher in the handicap than his last race. I can see him go very well back on good ground

7:40 Worcester - Lost Legend 15/8

Lucky 15

4:15 Brighton - Marjus Quest 9/4
4:45 Brighton - Patavium Prince 4/1
5:10 Worcester - Rudigreen 7/4
5:$0 Worcester - Gud Day 3/1

Will put up a L15 E/W tomorrow

Daily Tips 20/8/13

Red - Winner, Blue - Placed,Green - Non Runner
2:15 Ridgeway Sapphire2:45 Secret Kode3:15 North Pole3:45 Banreenahreenkah4:15 Marjus Quest4:45 Patavium Prince5:15 Imaginary Diva
5:00 Kanz5:30 Oxlip6:00 Jubilee Dancer6:30 Forget me Not Lane7:00 Goldstorm7:30 Boy The Bell8:00 Sofias Number One
5:10 Rudigreen5:40 Gud Day6:10 Papradon6:40 Escardo7:10 Clondaw Draft7:40 Lost Legend8:10 Saltiagioo
2:00 Rock Up2:30 Meddling3:00 Araqella3:30 Outback4:00 Million Faces4:30 George Baker5:05 Trulee Scrumptious

Top Tips 18/8/13

3 Main tips tomorrow

3:45 Worcester - Handmaid (nap)

8:20 Roscommon - Sweet My Lord 5/4

Based on the same as yesterday

Lucky 31 - e/w

2:45 Worcester - Adrenalin Flight 17/2
3:00 Thirsk - Go Go green 12/1
3:30 Thirsk - Tiger Reigns 14/1
4:15 Worcester - Priors Gold 12/1
5:00 Thirsk - See Clearly 5/1

Patent e/w

5:40 Roscommon - Iron Major 16/1
6:10 Roscommon - Jazz Girl 11/1
6:40 Roscommon - Andalucia Lady 12/1

System Pick

5:00 Thirsk

1st Red Cape 16/1 - 75
2nd Charlemagne Diva 10/1 - 45
3rd Mitchum 18/1 - 35
4th El McGlynn 25/1 - 30

Charlemagne Diva came top of the main stats, but Red Cape beat every other horse hands down with speed stats, in fact he was well clear of the opposition. If i hadn't already back See Clearly, i would be on Red Cape. Sir Nod came 2nd in the speed stats. But being a lady Amateur race anything can happen

Top Tips 18/8/13

Am trying something new today, and have put my bet on

Lucky 15 e/w - 15 x2 lines

3:10 Dundalk - Farmleigh House 15/2
3:45 Pontefract - Artistic Jewel 7/1
4:05 Southwell - Aimigayle 8/1
5:05 Southwell - Geminus 25/1

£30 stake - £136 returns = £106 profit

System Pick

3:45 Pontefract 

1st Artistic Jewel 7/1 - 110
2nd Enrol 9/1 - 60
3rd Galician 10/3 - 45
4th Nargys 7/1 - 40

A horse not in the top 4 is March, she is a horse on my 'Horses To Watch' list and i am sure she will be up there today. Artistic Jewel trounced every other horse on the main stats and the speed stats. Enrol might improve with first time visor, but, if my stats are right, Artistic Jewel will win this well today