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20/05/17 My Fancies Tonight

7.35 Uttoxeter Northandsouth 10/3
7.50 Doncaster Alaadel 5/4
8.20 Doncaster Lady In Question 8/1

21/05/17 Market Rasen

20/05/17 Speed on Soft


5:50 Lopito De Vega 11/2
6:50 Imshivalla 15/2
8:20 Musawaat 13/2
8:50 Appleberry 4/1


2:55 Al Hamandy 14/1
3:30 Aclaim 8/1
5:10 Grand Inquisitor 18/1


2:45 Wilde Inspiration 13/2
3:20 Jack Dexter 11/2
3:55 God Willing 16/1
4:30 Hurricane Hollow 14/1
5:05 Kilowatt 5/4
5:40 Show Palace 14/1

20/05/17 Interesting Horses

3:55 Thirsk - Intense Style 14/1

I really like this horse, and i cannot see him running well here. My only concern, is its a 20 runner race, so he will need a lot of luck in running, but he has a good stall in 2, so he should be able to put himself where he wants, unless they come over the the rails.

So why do i like him a few reasons really.

His last win came 11 months ago over distance and Donaster, on soft ground like today. He is 1lb lower today. It was the same class as today.

His stats on soft 2, 1, 3, 3,  5. The 5th was actually over C&D 4lb higher than today, he was beaten 5L, so if he runs to that form he should go close. Plus he was in the middle of the field, so wasn't the

So all in all, IS has dropped to below his last winning mark, will like the going and as long as luck in running, has a great ew chance at least!! Naggers is clearly the one to beat though.

3:20 Thirsk - Jack Dexter 6/1

How can you ignore this old boy? Yes he is getting on now, but he finally gets …

20/05/17 Newbury

20/05/17 Newmarket