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Straight From The Trainers Mouth Day 3


Systems for Day 3 Cheltenham

System 1:30

1st Oscar Whisky 6/1 - 80
2nd Taquin Du Seuil 8/1 - 70
3rd Wonderful Charm 11/2 - 45
4th Felix Yonger 7/2 - 40
4th Mozoltov 20/1 - 40

Every who follows me will know that Taquin Du Seuil is the horse i follow. And i am not going to change here. Yes he beat Oscar Whisky on OW's first time over fences, but then OW has beaten him 2 times since. However for me they have been pretty falsely run races and TDS needs a strong pace. Also the first time he got beat by OW, OW stole 10Lengths at the start, hardly fair. Beaten fair and square in the next race. He has very strong E/W claims along with Oscar Whisky and i think they will be able to beat Felix Yonger. Mozlotov is a great e/w price and one not to discount

1st Boston Bob 10/1 - 85
2nd Hunt Ball 25/1 - 55
2nd Menorah 8/1 - 55
3rd Dynaste 7/2 - 50
3rd Al Ferof 11/2 - 50
3rd Benefficient 4/1 - 50

This race couldn't really be much closer for the places. Boston Bob comes clear top though, which is interestin…

Straight From The Trainers Mouth Day 2 Cheltenham


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